Finally, A New Website!

Well, that took longer than we thought…

Many times in life you can be so busy doing for others that you hardly ever make any time for yourself. That’s what it has been like for us as it relates to our website. The last time we had a fresh new look for Bezworks was back in 2007. Yes, almost 10 years ago! Back then our website was 100% Flash and Steve Jobs had not yet declared war against the technology. Our site was a custom work we were highly proud of. But it’s a new day!

After 9 years we finally made the time to refresh our own website. We attempted to redo our site several times over the years, but we either got caught up in client work (because clients come first), or didn’t like the direction the site was going in creatively, or were involved in other business related matters. But we’re proud to say that the time has finally come.


Bezworks site that launched in 2007

Keeping It Simple

Our new site is simple to navigate, responsive to any device, straight-forward and goes without all of the bells and whistles. We believe that it’s all about the work. If the work is good, it should speak for itself, and that’s why when you visit our site – instead of a long sales pitch, or this or that – you immediately see our portfolio. You get to see what we’ve been working on, and the quality of it. And if you want to know anything else – well, the information is there for you. Clean, simple and to the point – just the way we like it, and believe visitors will appreciate.

So, how do you like the place? Leave a comment below.